Reference Project “Management/Optimization SAP-Support-Process”, Maintal/Deutschland 2012/13

Optimization of SAP Support Processes in international environment & Operational support (SD/SCM/FI-CO)

04/12 – 05/13

Reference from Line Manager, IS Business Partner in global leading company in agriculture industry, from 08.05.13

The consultant supported us in a wide range of activities around SAP. This included incident & change management; coordination between SAP users and 3rd party support provider as well as reviewing and improving support processes and ways of working. Expectations were exceeded. On top of what the consultant achieved in terms of tangible deliverables she managed to create and maintain a working atmosphere in which the entire team performed very well.

• Attitude: Positive, constructive, credible
• Initiative Pro-active style and seeking for dialogue
• Interaction with others: Very good, if there is room for improvement I would suggest the consultant challenges others even more often

In the areas we used the consultant’s skills she was fully proficient. There was no situation in which we were missing SAP skills. Even in situations when our clients were in critical situations the consultant was able to support them to the right service level. Whenever appropriate she managed to agree with the clients the right balance between “workaround” and “sustainable solution”. Here active style and her insight into our client’s business was key to become a respected and trusted partner.