I have had many diverse and interesting work experiences over the past years and these have helped me develop to the very open and accessible person I am today.

One of the most important things that I have learnt along the way was how enjoyable it was working with other people from different backgrounds and skills.

Anett Rosenbusch

Canada for 2 years

After her wine business studies, Anett Rosenbusch has decided to go abroad to Canada for two years, where she was working for the German Wine Board. There she worked in the Public Relations sector (customer service; preparation and management of wine events; press relations), to improve and stabilize the positioning of German wine in the Canadian market.

This stay enriched Anett with important job-related and personal experiences in a foreign culture and improved her English language skills to the extent where she is fluent in spoken and written English.

9 years permanent position

Since the SAP certification as ‘SAP Application Consultant Sales and Distribution’ in 2001, Anett Rosenbusch has worked internationally as a Consultant on several SAP projects. She has supported customers successfully during this time using her skills to implement, optimize and customize logistics processes.

In addition, she has operated as a manager and team lead in the newly built-up division in the company.

Her project management skills were being used more and more in the work place, and these practical experiences have been complemented by an international PMP-Certification in 2010.

professional change

After years of working in the consulting arena and developing and honing her skills, Anett has decided to branch out and work as an independent consultant applying her abilities learnt internationally to professionally support companies throughout Europe.

Anett is a confident and dependable worker. She decided to start her own business in 2010 and looks forward to working together with you.

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6 Monate: Geschäftsprozessoptimierung

Projektumfang: Optimierung diverser Logistikprozesse im laufenden Betrieb

Branche: Versicherungen

Projekteinsatzort: München Deutschland

Projektsprache: Deutsch

Position: Consultant


  • IST-Aufnahme von Schwachstellen
  • Durchführung von Arbeitskreisen
  • Eruierung von Quick-Wins
  • Modellierungen von SOLL-Prozessen
  • Integration der Soll-Prozesse
  • Formular-Management